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How to make Progurt

Making_Progurt.jpg 01.gif

Plug in Incubator.

Plug Progurt Incubator in. A red light will illuminate indicating it is on.

02.gifFill Clean Inner Tub with Milk.

Pour one carton of UHT Full Cream Milk* into the One Litre Incubator Tub.

03.gifPour in Sachet.

Pour entire Progurt Sachet into the milk. Always make sure no culture is left in the Progurt Sachet.

04.gifMix and Seal.

Stir the milk and contents for approximately 10 seconds and firmly close the seal-tight lid, checking all four corners.


Leave the Incubator Tub to heat in the Progurt Incubator for 12 to 14 hours.

06.gifRefrigerate and Enjoy.

Switch off the Progurt Incubator. Refrigerate. Enjoy.

*UHT Milk may also be termed Long Life / Ultra Pasteurised / Bio Pasteurised. Full Cream Milk may also be termed Whole Milk.
It is available from most grocery stores.

hand.gif Hygiene Tips

- Always ensure Inner Tub is clean and dry before you begin making Progurt.
- Always make Progurt with clean hands.

note.gifPlease Note: Progurt cannot be made using already-made Progurt as a starter culture. The strains of bacteria contained in Progurt are indigenous to the human gastro-intestinal tract and will not replicate.
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