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Mushroom Science

Introducing Mushroom Science - Quality Medicinal Mushroom Supplements Since 1994

Mushroom Science is a premier company that manufactures and distributes highly effective medicinal mushroom supplements. Products that are backed by clinical trials and scientific studies.

healthbenefit-singleOffering various medicinal mushroom supplements that have been developed to address specific needs. Supplements that can improve liver health, enhance the immune system, boost stamina and strength, and even help fight the effects of stress.*

What gives a Mushroom Medicinal Value?

Thousands of years ago, people in the Orient observed that certain kinds of mushrooms, besides being very tasty sources of food, had a lot of other health benefits. Ancient cultures all over Asia made these mushrooms a regular ingredient in many traditional recipes for foods and teas.

People soon noticed that their overall health improved significantly and they associated these improvements with their diet. Thus, they were the very first to recognize the mushroom medicinal value.


Check out the health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms and what products are right for you!

Agaricus blazei
NZ $56.00
Chaga Extract
NZ $56.00
Coriolus versicolor PSP
NZ $56.00
Cordeyceps CS-4

Cordeyceps CS-4

NZ $56.00
Coriolus Super Strength
NZ $101.95
Immune Builder
NZ $82.00
Lions Mane
NZ $56.00
Maitake Full Spectrum
NZ $56.00 NZ $39.20 Save NZ $16.80 incl GST
Maitake 404 30ml
NZ $89.00
Reishi Gano
NZ $57.00


NZ $57.00


NZ $56.00
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