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Oxylent Multivitamins

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The Development

Oxylent answers the need for an efficacious, exceptional quality, and highly bioavailable daily supplement. In today’s market, consumers have many choices of nutritional supplements that address the need for vitamins and minerals. But what has been lacking is a simple yet powerful blend of nutrients that can be taken daily while easily used by the body to gain the results that today’s consumer wants. This was achieved by Vitalah through the collaboration of experts in the health industry, leaders in successful health companies, naturopaths, doctors and scientists. Lisa Lent, CEO and founder, worked with these great minds to develop a supplement that would change how people view vitamins and would pioneer new technology and options for improved health.

The Product

Rest assured that we are as invested in your health as you are. Start off each day with Oxylent and drink to your health! Enjoy it alone or as a vehicle for your daily fish oil. (For a high quality fish oil try Nordic Naturals.) Have an Oxylent day by ensuring premium quality supplements are part of your daily health regime.

A unique, great-tasting, premium effervescent multivitamin drink, Oxylent® is sourced with the highest-quality ingredients, providing healthy levels of key vitamins, chelated minerals, amino acids, and enzymes providing energy to your cells naturally.

Superior Quality is at the heart of Vitalah®. Using only top-quality ingredients that are easily absorbed, Oxylent is made exclusively with Albion® Minerals, and has received Albion's Gold Medallion®, which recognises products for excellence in mineral fortification. Research has shown that Albion's chelated minerals exhibit superior absorption over common mineral salts. Oxylent is the only effervescent multivitamin product to be awarded Albion's Gold Medallion, as a recognition of excellence in mineral formulation.

Better Absorption through effervescent technology offers 100% bioavailability. In recent articles in Nutrition Business Journal, effervescence is forecasted as the future delivery system of choice. According to published scientific evidence, effervescent technology is both better and faster absorbed than tablets. Oxylent provides nearly 100% bioavailability.

Convenient Packets of Oxylent are easily transported, so you can drink it anytime, anywhere. Just add water.

Sweetened with stevia, Oxylent can be used as a substitute for juice, soft drinks, or high-sugar energy drinks.

Great Taste is the secret to Oxylent—Sparkling Berry, Sparkling Mandarin, and Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate are delicious any time of the day. Tastes so good, you'll forget they are supplements!

Unique Ingredients

The naturally occurring enzymes SOD and Catalase work together to promote the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into beneficial oxygen and water, enhancing cellular oxygenation. Our SOD and catalase are derived from melon. Oxylent contains 20 I.U. of SOD which statistically is shown to contain 3 I.U. of catalase.

The vital importance of vitamin D is proven by leading research institutions worldwide, and is now recognised as a key ingredient for bone and immune health. Oxylent includes 1000 I.U. of natural Vitamin D3, which is the form more easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Calcium Ascorbate is Oxylent’s source of vitamin C, and because it is buffered and less acidic, it is easier on the stomach. >Oxylent has 100% RDI or more of B Vitamins, which support the nervous system, enhance energy, and support adrenal glands during stress.

Oxylent includes a healthy dose of the essential minerals, Calcium and Magnesium. Magnesium plays a crucial role in regulating the heart and also supports the proper metabolizing of calcium and vitamin C.

Why Effervescence?

"According to published scientific evidence, effervescent technology is both better and faster absorbed than tablets. Oxylent provides nearly 100% bioavailability."

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