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Coriolus versicolor-PSP is an intra-cellular mycelial extract from the famous Cov 1 strain of Coriolus versicolor.

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Coriolus versicolor-PSP

Certified Organic
(Cloud Mushroom Extract)
Cell Wall Extract
Cov.1 Strain-Min. 30% Polysaccharide-Peptide


Coriolus PSP

Coriolus PSP is a recent addition to the family of medicinal-mushroom-extract products. Developed in China, extensive clinical testing did not begin until the early 1990's. Under NMR analysis the glucan portion of the PSK
® and Coriolus Super Strength, the differences are explained below.

How Supplied

150 Vcaps
400mg per Vcap


Instructions For Use

One to six capsules two times daily, AM and PM, 0n an empty stomach.



Tonic Immune Support, Serious Immune Challenges, Hepatic Issues.

Clinical Research

All of the published clinical research has focused on the immune supporting properties of the polysaccharide-peptides.

Toxicity, cautions, Contradictions

Coriolus polysaccharide-peptides are safe and non-toxic, having been used daily in clinical studies lasting five to ten years. However, immuno-modulating substances should be avoided completely in organ-transplant patients or people utilizing immuno-suppressive agents.

Traditional Use And Preparation

Coriolus is sweet in taste and slightly warm in nature, acting through the spleen and heart meridians. It dispels damp and reduces phlegm1. In TCM, Coriolus is prepared as hot-water extraction/decoction.2 Coriolus is never used in the un-extracted form or prepared as an alcohol tincture.

Active Constituents

Polysaccharide-peptides (1-4, 1-3, 1-6 linked proteoglycans extracted from the cell walls).

Extract Information

The active constituents, polysaccharide-peptides are found in the cell walls of both the fruit bodies and the mycelium. Extraction with hot-water, followed by precipitation with alcohol, is used to isolate the polysaccharide-peptides.3 This product is an intercellular extract from the Cov 1 strain of Coriolus versicolor.


1. Hobbs, C., Medicinal Mushrooms, Botanica Press 1995
2. Lui, b., Bau, Y., Fungi Pharmacopeia. Kiniko Press, 1980
3 Hobbs, C., Medicinal Mushrooms, Botanica Press. 1995


Super Strength/PSK vs. PSP

What is the Difference?

There are three different therapeutic strength extracts derived from Coriolus versicolor. Super Strength and PSK are primarily protein linked and were developed in Japan. PSP is primarily peptide linked and was developed in China twelve years after the research on PSK was first published. To make PSP, the recipe for Super Strength/PSK is followed, then, as a final step, precipitation with alcohol is used to reduce the protein links to peptide links. The primary active compounds, the glucan structures, are unchanged by precipitation with alcohol. The glucan structure of the three different extracts is identical under NMR analysis. Coriolus Super Strength contains 600 mg per capsule vs. 400 mg per capsule for the PSP, and the Super Strength contains 42% actives vs. 30% for the PSP.

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Coriolus versicolor PSP
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