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As the official omega-3 of the American Pregnancy Association, Prenatal DHA is the ideal supplement before, during, and after pregnancy, providing safe and effective omega-3 nutrition for both moms and babies.

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Prenatal DHA

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Omega-3s for Pregnancy & Lactation
EPA and DHA—the omega-3 essential fatty acids in fish oil—are crucial throughout life, but especially during pregnancy, when a woman's demand for DHA in particular increases substantially. DHA comprises approximately 20% of the fatty acid in the brain's cerebral cortex. That's why DHA is among the most important nutrients for pregnant and lactating women. The DHA consumed by expectant moms sets the foundation for her baby's developing brain, eyes, and nervous system. DHA also provides mood and nerve support for new mothers in the weeks following her baby's birth. Omega–3 fish oil is a safe, pure, and effective way to promote the health of both moms and babies, and is endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.*


The research-backed benefits of fish oil include:
• Promotes the healthy development of the fetal brain, eyes, nervous system*
• Promotes positive mood and well-being for mothers*
• Supports healthy birth weight and gestational length*
• Promotes attention and focus in infants and children*
• Supports healthy immune system development*
• Is natural and safe for long-term use


bulSmaller soft gels are easier to swallow (500 mg)

bulSupports brain and visual function in
   developing babies*

bulProvides mood and nerve support for mothers*

bulUnflavored, for the sensitive palates of

As the official omega-3 of the American Pregnancy Association, Prenatal DHA is the ideal supplement before, during, and after pregnancy, providing safe and effective omega-3 nutrition for both moms and babies. With 450 mg DHA per serving, Prenatal DHA generously fulfills international recommendations for daily DHA intake. Plus, we’ve added 400 I.U. of natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), for strong bones and mood support.*


Two soft gels daily, with food, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist.

SF-R-PrenatalDHA SG

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Product Reviews

There are: 2 reviews, with an average rating of 5.0 out of 5
I 101% recommend using the DaVinci Ultimate Prenatal and the Nordic Prenatal DHA. At the start of my pregnacy I was feeling really sluggish as my body adjusted to this new addition. Even when I started taking a different "leading" Prenatal I didnt feel any better. I was then recommended the DaVinci and Nordic tablets from a fellow 'mum in the making' and it was the best decision I made.
I had more energy again!! Which is especially important when you are racing around with a bunch of Toddlers everyday! :)
There are so many positive benefits that these tablets have for you, your body and your growing baby!!!
Posted by Jayne Francis on 2017-04-20 12:21:07
I'm currently just about in my 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy. It was/is important to me to give my baby and body additional supplements especially Omega 3 which unbeknown to me, most women lack the sufficient amount of. Tracey started me straight onto Prenatal DHA and the Ultimate prenatal when we found out we were pregnant. So far my pregnancy has been amazing! Not only have I felt physically healthier but mentally stronger too which I have no doubt in saying that these supplements have supported this change. I will continue to use Wisehealth products after baby is born knowing the benefits that this will have. As a preschool teacher I see many children suffering from colds and coughs during winter months and when first starting preschool in particular. This can be a tough time for new parents and introducing your child to probiotics from a young age can fully support their developing immune system to fight the dreaded bugs and help avoid strong antibiotics where possible. Wisehealth are always my immediate recommendation to families and friends both personal and professional and I know I am sending them in the right direction based on their knowledge of the products, tried and tested on themselves and their young children.
Posted by Amy McLachlan on 2017-04-17 13:21:34

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