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The Progurt Sachet is the fastest, purest, most advanced probiotic ever.

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Progurt Sachets (15)

NZ $340.00

The world's most powerful probiotic.pouring progurt.jpg

The Progurt Sachet is the world’s most powerful probiotic available.

Each Sachet contains a formulation of multiple strains of probiotic bacteria of human origin to enhance and strengthen the immune system. With over 1 trillion CFU capability in each single Progurt Sachet, bacteria never looked so good.

Each sachet can be made into a powerful probiotic yogurt or can be consumed with water.

Progurt improves health and wellbeing. Progurt initiates balance of gut flora - improving digestion, nutrition and absorption, ultimately strengthening your immune system. Increase energy and nutritional support to every living cell in your body - feel and look better than ever before.

Progurt is guaranteed 100% natural with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

ben_icon_cells.gifProbiotic Featuresprod_photo_bowl.jpg

* Multiple strain
* Human origin
* Stomach acid resistant
* Bile resistant
* Able to adhere to human   intestinal cells
* Able to inhibit the growth
   of pathogenic organisms
* Able to colonise and grow in the human gastro-intestinal system


 Blazing Performance            

Over one billion CFU of probiotic
bacteria per 100ml. Experience
improvements in as quickly as
2 hours.
                        bowl progurt.gif


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