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Progurt contains a revolutionary new formulation of multiple human strains of probiotic bacteria. Human strains for humans...more natural, more powerful and more effective. Specialists in the field of microbiology continue to confirm that the human strains of gut “microbiota” contained in Progurt are the superior choice for supplementation by humans.
*Multiple strains
*Human origin
* Stomach acid resistant
* Bile resistant
* Able to adhere to human intestinal cells
* Able to inhibit the growth of pathogenic organisms
* Able to colonise and grow in the human gastro-intestinal system
* Over 1 Trillion CFU of probiotic per litre of yoghurt - improvements may be experienced   in as little as 2 hours.
Progurt Sachets (15)
NZ $340.00
Progurt Sachets (5)
NZ $129.95
Progurt Two Pack
NZ $54.95


NZ $89.00
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